Xeldron is part of the legendary trio. Like Noo-Long, it often serves as a mascot of the site. It was revealed pre-beta, but was released during the beta along with the other legendaries. Of the trio, Xeldron has the same rarity as Noo-Long and takes longer to hatch than a Finngriff. However, because of being in the color groups black and yellow it's extremely helpful for getting high WU decorative items even if the other two legendaries have the same WU range as it.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
XeldronEgg.gif Hatch XeldronDown.gif

Image Gallery

Xeldron egg in the inventoryXeldron egg in the pixdexXeldron as a favorite pixpetXeldron facing upXeldron facing to the rightXeldron facing to the left


  • Xeldron's ancient ancestors are rumored to be from the dark dragons from dragonadopters, a site that was shut down years ago and was founded by the same founder as Pixpet.Net.
  • Xeldron was the first pixpet to have a color variation.
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