Velirex is the last evolution of the Velibolt line. While the whole line kept their main gray color group. Their light color changed drastically. Its previous evolution, Velox, changed part of its color group chances to white. While Velirex changed it back. It is a giant pixpet, towering at ~ 3.2m (10'06''). Its main rivals are supposedly Iguroars because of them being slightly taller than average than them. They are also shown to be quite playful and are fine with being ridden on. The velociraptor design along with Velibolt's feathers were also dropped. It now stands as mostly a T. Rex than a mixture of another genus of dinosaurs.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
Velibolt Egg.gif Hatch Veliboltsmall down.gif Level 30, grade 30+ JP Evobar VeloxDown.gif
Step 3 2nd Evolution
Level 60, grade 60+ JP Second Evobar VelirexDown.gif

Image Gallery

Velirex as a favorite pixpetVelirex facing upVelirex facing to the rightVelirex facing to the left


  • The Velibolt line main colors resemble RGB which is a famous and well known color model.
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