Velibolt was a pixpet released in the Pixpet Beta, and was also previewed alongside Canisqua and Unicubb pre-beta. It currently has two evolutions (Velox and Velirex). Like the entry states, it is a quite common pixpet that hatches quite fast. Their name may come from a dinosaur genus, most likely a velociraptor. Its evolution also resembles one, but this one has arm feathers most likely based on the theory that velociraptors had feathers. The bolt part of its name may signify that they are very fast, they also have a thunderbolt spike on top of their head.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
Velibolt Egg Hatch Veliboltsmall down Level 30, grade 30+ JP Evobar VeloxDown
Step 3 2nd Evolution
Level 60, grade 60+ JP Second Evobar VelirexDown

Image Gallery

Big VeliboltVelibolt SmallVeliboltsmall down staticVeliboltsmall upVeliboltsmall rightVeliboltsmall left


  • Velibolt is labeled as the admin's favorite pixpet.
  • The Velibolt line main colors resemble RGB which is a famous and well known color model.
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