Troffinch was a pixpet released in the Pixpet Beta, and is one of the possible starting pixpets. It currently has one evolution (Parrogrine) and has a very short hatching time, being the fastest hatching starter. Its gender ratio is slightly unbalanced which increases the chances of hatching a male Troffinch by 5%.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
Troffinchegg small.gif Hatch Troffinchsmall down.gif level 50, grade 30+ Tropical Bird Evobar ParrogrineDown.gif

Image Gallery

Troffinch egg in the inventoryTroffinch egg in the pixdexTroffinch as a favorite pixpetTroffinch facing upTroffinch facing to the rightTroffinch facing to the left


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