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Techtagon is a Pixpet released on January 9 2021 after being commissioned by Totodile2064. It's based on a small western dragon with a little hint of crocodile, and a wrench for a tail. It is also the 7th dragon pixpet introduced to the site.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
TechtagonEggSmall.gif Hatch TechtagonDown.gif

Image Gallery

Techtagon egg in the inventoryTechtagon egg in the pixdexTechtagon as a favorite pixpetTechtagon facing upTechtagon facing to the rightTechtagon facing to the left

Techtagon was created in honor of Pixpet Super Sponsor Totodile2064. A player who remains a Super Sponsor for six months can design and receive their own Pixpet.


  • Techtagon shares the same pixpet type with Drax's and Xeldron's lines.