Shluppbun is a seasonal pixpet revealed on Easter Sunday 2019. As its entry states, it only comes in spring, near Easter particularly, to place down their eggs. During the first few days they are extremely common, but their rarity rapidly degrades until after a week they can no longer be found. Their name is based on the German word Schlapp which means to limp and bunny.

Days Rarity
Easter + Monday after Easter 89% (Very Common)
Tuesday + Wednesday after Easter 79% (Common)
Thursday + Friday after Easter 59% (Normal)
Saturday + Sunday after Easter 49% (Normal)
After Sunday after Easter None

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
ShluppbunEgg Hatch ShluppbunDown level 40, grade 35+ Bunny Evobar NurbunDown

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  • Shluppbun was the first seasonal pixpet to ever be released.
  • Before Shluppbun was revealed their species were called "Easter Egg". If the player choose to keep its species name, its name would be kept to this unless its nickname was changed later through other methods.
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