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Sawrotag is a magenta and red semi-common pixpet revealed through a patreon goal of getting $500. It closely resembles an alligator than a crocodile which is its evolution. Its name may also suggest this. The name may come from saw and rotag which means gator arms, and rotag is also gator backwards. Sawrotag have saw shaped markings on its body which is where the saw part in its name may come from.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
SawrotagEgg.gif Hatch SawrotagDown.gif level 45, grade 30+ Croco Evobar PentadileDown.gif

Image Gallery

Sawrotag egg in the inventorySawrotag egg in the pixdexSawrotag as a favorite pixpetSawrotag facing upSawrotag facing to the rightSawrotag facing to the left