Royowl is an owl Pixpet deriving its name from Royal and Owl. It was released two days after Owluck was. It has a crown shaped appendages in its face. Most of its color groups were dropped except for yellow which it kept.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
OwluckEgg Hatch OwluckDown level 45, grade 30+ Owl Evobar RoyowlDown

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  • Royowl shares almost all the same color groups with the legendary Finngriff except for blue as it has cyan instead in its color group.
  • Owls in many cultures represent wisdom and knowledge which are what Royowls are known for.
  • Although Royowls do not have grudges against Pomprocks, Pomprocks do on the other hand.
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