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The Pumpkin Flower is a cultivation product that can be obtained by planting pumpkin seeds and harvesting blooming pumpkins. Other than the usual orange color, it comes in 15 other colors dependant on the color of the seed planted.

In cooking, they are used exclusively in brewing potions. Although pumpkin flowers take a shorter amount of time to grow, the blooming stage is often missed; thus it is often used in high-tier potions.

Other Colors

Indigo Pumpkin FlowerBlue Pumpkin FlowerCyan Pumpkin FlowerAqua Pumpkin FlowerPurple Pumpkin Flower

White Pumpkin FlowerGray Pumpkin FlowerGreen Pumpkin FlowerMagenta Pumpkin FlowerBlack Pumpkin Flower

Brown Pumpkin FlowerLime Pumpkin FlowerRose Pumpkin FlowerRed Pumpkin FlowerYellow Pumpkin Flower