Ponyata is a pixpet revealed through a patreon funding goal of $1100. Its name is a combination of Pony and Piñata. Ponyata contains 1/3 of available color groups in its color group pool, however its 4% chance makes it almost as hard to find as legendaries. Its body is very similar to a pony though its fur has very similar properties to paper. Ponyata has no evolution, despite of this its WU range is quite wide allowing it to find most of the available Brick Walls.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
PonyataEgg Hatch PonyataDown

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  • Ponyata is the first Super Rare Pixpet.
  • Ponyata even though it balanced more uncommon color groups such as Aqua was created purely for fun.
  • Ponyata's sweet tooth may come from the fact Piñatas often contain sweets.
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