Pomprock is a penguin Pixpet based on a rockhopper penguin. They are rather pompous, although their need to brag is because of their insecurity. They carry this insecurity from child neglect when they were young and their need to show off forces them to do the same to their own children. They share very similar color groups with their pre-evolution, Grumpuin, however their secondary color lime has darkened to green and became their primary color while their secondary color is a color not seen in their base form, black.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
GrumpuinEgg Hatch GrumpuinDown level 35, grade 30+ Water Bird Evobar PomprockDown

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  • Although Royowls do not have grudges against Pomprocks, Pomprocks do on the other hand.
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