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All three Leemue colors

The pixpal Leemue in 3 different colors

Pixpals are small creatures that are summoned from Pixinyte crystals and can travel with your Pixpets as pets. They serve only as collector's items. Unlike pixpets, pixpals are visually different depending on what color they are summoned as.

How to Obtain[]

Pixinyte crystals are found on Hoards by pixpets that match one of the crystals' color groups, much like pixpet eggs. The chances of finding one are greatly increased by using a Pixinyte Potion of the appropriate color. However, unlike pixpet eggs, pixinytes are considered items, and the Item Rarity Excluder potion is used to ensure rarer pixinytes. Some pixinytes can only be found during certain times of the year, like Christmas or Easter, but can be summoned outside of those times.


Example of the pixpal inventory page (Garmus)

A screenshot showing the pixpal inventory screen once a pixpal or pixinyte is selected. This Garmus is attached to a Brooperi and is at 44%.

Pixpals have their own tab on Pixpet.net, with most actions being done on the Pixpal Inventory page.

To actually summon a pixpal, a pixpet must hold the pixinyte for a certain amount of time (viewable by hovering over the progress bar on a pixinyte's page). This does not have to be consecutive or even on the same pixpet, and can be sped up by other users interacting with the pixinyte.

Pixinytes can also be placed in the house as decorations, though they don't have an effect on SVL. Since this doesn't increase the summoning timer, this also works as a valid storage method since pixpal storage is limited and can get expensive at higher capacities.

The current maximum inventory space for pixpals is 200[1], but players can exceed this by pairing pixpals with pixpets or storing them in their house.

Pixinyte Handling[]

Pixinyte Handling page shows all pixinytes not placed in the house or attached to a pixpet. This page is the equivalent of the Pixpet Egg Handling page; pixinytes can be sold, added to the market, or stored in a Pixpal Terrarium here.

Pixpal Terrariums[]

Pixpal Terrarium Pixpal Terrariums can be used to store pixpals and pixinytes and can be bought from the Pixpet Ticket Shop.


Partial Mystifly Dex

Mystifly Pixpaldex entry with locked entries

Each pixpal has its own entry and species ID in the Pixpaldex page and is unlocked upon summoning at least one of that pixpal. Each entry has the name, rarity, type, hatching time and which pixinyte it originated from. Color groups and pixpal images are hidden by default and have to be unlocked by summoning the relevant colored pixpal.

For all currently known pixpals, see the Pixpaldex page or browse through the category pages below:

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Pixpal Types
Holiday and Seasonal Pixpals
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