Owluck is an owlet Pixpet deriving its name from Owlet and Luck. It was revealed through a patreon goal of getting $1000, yet its evolution was released on a later date. It is slightly taller and heavier than a Troffinch though it is very similar to it.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
OwluckEgg Hatch OwluckDown level 45, grade 30+ Owl Evobar RoyowlDown

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  • Giant Clovers and real life Clovers in general are said to be lucky and give good fortune thus thats why there seems to be a Wealth Potion and Owluck seen as a symbol for good fortune.
  • Owluck was made to close the gap for green and especially lime Pixpets. Very similar to Antabir closing the gap for high WU Aqua & Green Decorative Items.
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