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Mobath was a Pixpet released in the Pixpet Beta. It currently has no evolutions and can hatch very quickly compared to most pixpets. Its gender ratio is also slightly unbalanced which increases the chances of finding female mobaths by two percent. Mobath is half bug and half mammal from the animals it derives itself from which are moths and bats. Its wing patterns and antennae also resemble moth parts.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
Mobathegg Small.gif Hatch D93d8294d2cf1164 D.gif

Image Gallery

Mobath egg in the inventoryMobath egg in the pixdexMobath as a favorite pixpetMobath facing upMobath facing to the rightMobath facing to the left


  • Bloomfer and Mobath are often seen as opposites. They are both mammals. Both have close indexes. Both have the same rarity. Both have slightly unbalanced gender ratios. Bloomfer having more males by 2%, Mobath have more females by 2%. Bloomfer are also usually active during the day and Mobath are usually active during the night.