Luputrix is the evolved form of Canisqua. While it being a dog, Luputrix is a proud wolf. Its named may be based on the gray wolf's scientific name Canis lupus. The trix part may be a corruption of the word tricks. While its first evolution's fur being in angular shapes purely for looks. Luputrixs fur shape improves its running speed since the shape is aerodynamic. Its WU is lower than most starters like its entry mentions, but it is a considerable boost of 35 to its first evolution.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
Canisquaegg.gif Hatch Canisquadown.gif level 50, grade 30+ Wolfdog Evobar Luputrix Down.gif

Image Gallery

Luputrix labeled as a favorite pixpetLuputrix facing upLuputrix facing to the rightLuputrix facing to the left


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