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Krash is a Pixpet released after the Pixpet Blueprint Event which was hosted by a game moderator. It is a hybrid of both a canine and a shark. It has blue feet, gills, teeth, ears, and a blue nose. Krash's body is comprised of gray and black striping with a white underbelly. They do not have a good reputation among other Pixpets because of their habit of creating mischief.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
KrashEgg.gif Hatch KrashDown.gif

Image Gallery

Krash egg in the inventoryKrash egg in the pixdexKrash as a favorite pixpetKrash facing upKrash facing to the rightKrash facing to the left


  • Krash is an anagram of the word "Shark".
  • Krash's egg is based on an egg case of a shark also known as a mermaid's purse.
  • Before Krash was released it was called Canibyte. Its design also featured elements not found in Krash such as its blue "necklace" around its egg and neck.