Imprex is a Pixpet that was released after a Patreon Poll to choose a Pixpet to get an evolution and got 31% of the votes effectively beating Bloomfer, Pandstar, Sealott, and Pydeer. Its based on a Ibex which are a type of Goat. The name is a reference to its entry stating their horns grow to "impressive lengths" and is a combination of Impress and Ibex. The poll was mainly for users to show their support, but it also to give some Pixpets like Indigoat more recognition as some of the voters stated. Evolution also boosted their WU tremendously.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
IndigoatEgg Hatch IndigoatDown level 40, grade 25+ Goat Evobar ImprexDown

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  • Indigoat got an evolution on July 7, 2019 making their evolution show much later in the dex.
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