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Igupunk was a pixpet released in the Pixpet Beta. It currently is one of the very few pixpets that have two evolutions (Iguzzle and Iguroar). It mostly resembles the stereotypical punk person with its tail spikes and spiky head features. Its first evolution very much keeps this design, while its second evolution strays away from this. Despite of this, its gender ratio is very balanced. It also weighs less than most pixpets.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
Igupunkegg small.gif Hatch Igupunksmall down.gif level 25, grade 30+ Iguana Evobar Iguzzlesmall down.gif
Step 3 2nd Evolution
level 75, grade 60+ Iguana Second Evobar IguroarDown.gif

Image Gallery

Igupunk egg in the inventoryIgupunk egg in the pixdexIgupunk egg as a favourite pixpetIgupunk facing upIgupunk facing to the rightIgupunk facing to the left