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An example of the inside of a room of a Riverside Mansion shown in the Pixpet splash video

Houses are one of the major aspects on Pixpet. They are relatively costly to buy, but essential as they can increase the number of Pixpet, pumpkin, plant and decorative item slots. In addition, ingredients, potions and seeds can be placed as decorative item alternatives. The house inventory of each account has a limit of six houses, and cannot be expanded. Players can also sell back their houses to the server. The server currently offers the player 50% of the house value.

House Parts

Houses are divided into different House Parts and can be up to 10x10 (100 tiles) big. House parts are categorized as either Inside or Outside; this affects which types of items can be placed in them. For example, pumpkins can only be planted in Outside house parts, and some house parts such as the Attic cannot hold any Pixpets. Both the inside and outside parts of the house can be customized by applying Ground Skins and Wall Skins exclusive to the specific house part type. House Parts can be nicknamed, though hovering over them will show the player its real name.

Inhabited House

There are currently only twelve houses available, including the Starters Hut which all players begin with. Players may have multiple houses at once, but only one can be inhabited at a time. A player can view their inhabited house and other owned houses from the My House tab. To move into a different house, the current house must be completely empty. The inhabited house will also be shown under a player's profile information with tabs which can switch to different house parts and showcases any placed Pixpet/item. The house is displayed with vertical separators (letters) and horizontal separators (numbers), and hovering over the grid icon (next to the letter A) will show the grid lines.

The player can place any items and pixpets into their inhabited house either from within their inventories, or by utilizing the new House Decorator. The latter is currently in beta and therefore only available to be used by players who support the game through Patreon.

House Market

The Buy New House tab contains an unlimited stock of each currently existing house, available for a set price. Houses can also be purchased from other players via the House Market at prices chosen by individual sellers. Houses can be listed on the House Market for 30 days maximum, at a fixed price. However, listing a house will incur a 10% fee of the current house value. If the house is not sold, it will be returned to the house inventory.

List of Houses

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