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Feliphene is the cat starter. Its line revolves around felines, feliphene being one of the typical cat species. Its gender difference tilts to having more females. Its WU is the same as the dog starter, and so choosing mammals leaves you up to choose cats or dogs if you want to be ahead in WU for your starter. Its gems are its main weapon. Because of this, lime is also part of its color group chances. Feliphene's name is a mix of feline and sphene which is a type of gemstone.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic Step 2 1st Evolution
FelipheneEgg.gif Hatch FelipheneDown.gif level 50, grade 30+ Feline Evobar KyagrowlDown.gif

Image Gallery

Feliphene egg in the inventoryFeliphene egg in the pixdexFeliphene as a favorite pixpetFeliphene facing upFeliphene facing to the rightFeliphene facing to the left