Events are typically held every once in a while to help users get certain items. Official Discord Events and Giveaways are not on-site events, but are recognized as part of the community. Discord Events are held quite randomly and mostly comprised as art contests because of a large amount of the userbase being artists. While Discord Giveaways are much more frequent, they are fueled by donations by users to send out through these short termed Giveaways. There are four categories events fall in, two of which are similar in frequency but not in type.

Special EventsEdit

Special events are limited events that are meant to only occur once and/or do not belong in other categories. It may take years for one of these to be hosted again or weeks depending on the event. Special events are contests.

Monthly EventsEdit

Monthly events are held around every month mostly during the beginning of every month. These events are mostly planned beforehand and sometimes the prizes are even set through prize votes. Monthly events are contests hosted by moderators.

Annual EventsEdit

Annual Events occur every year in a set time. As these usually interact with the site physically, the site admin is usually in control of these events. As these usually aren't contests, they don't have a set way of how they end up working.

Seasonal PixpetsEdit

Seasonal Pixpets are short events. During this an exclusive pixpet can be found usually having a very high chance to be found for a short amount of time.

Past EventsEdit

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