Cultivation is a major feature in which players can produce a variety of ingredients. There currently are 16 different color pumpkin seeds and 16 different types of plant seeds.


Screenshot 2019-01-13 at 10.02.53 PM

A evolvulus plant seen in the plant cultivating menu

Pumpkins and plants both have their own watering interval. Pumpkins can only be placed in pumpkin slots while plants can only be placed in plant pots. Plant pots are also decorative items which makes plants unlike pumpkins mobile and able to be moved; plants that are not placed will not grow and use water however (Note: plants in the inventory count towards the plant slot house limit). This also makes exotic plants such as blueberry bushes or aloevera cactuses being seen as useful for spicing up houses while still being beneficial to the player. Players can get plant seeds from the pixpet lottery and pumpkin seeds from egg hatch help though they can also get them through hoarding and can use a Seed Potion to assist them. They can combine their seeds in the combine seed menu. It is to be noted that the player's seed cannot go higher than grade 100, however new seeds will be created using the excess grades.

Grades also have different descriptions. For example:

  1. 0 Void
  2. 1-19 Very Dull
  3. 20-39 Dull
  4. 40-59 Normal
  5. 60-79 Pure
  6. 80-94 Very Pure
  7. 95-100 Extremely Pure


Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 1.44.35 PM

Withered magenta pumpkins seen in the pumpkin cultivating menu

Void seeds, even though extremely rare can be found through normal in-game means. Because of these seeds having a grade of zero they will automatically wither once ripe. Cultivation items lose grade upon water neglect. For every 2 hours of water neglect, pumpkins will lose 1 grade. However, for every 4 hours of water neglect plants will lose one grade. Pumpkins can also wither; they can only wither once they're full grown and hit grade zero. For plants, they have to be in their ripe product stage when withering. After all the criteria are met, the next watering interval the pumpkin/plant will wither if it is still neglecting water. If it was watered beforehand the next stage and watering interval the pumpkin/plant will wither. Doing so, the withered plant/pumpkin will look rotten and sometimes look squashed and will be unharvestable. The withered plant/pumpkin cannot be revived and can only be destroyed.


Plants can be harvested until the user decides to destroy it, or once it withers. Upon being harvested, it reverts back to its full grown stage while pumpkins get destroyed automatically when harvested. The grade of the products solely depends on the grade of the planted plant/pumpkin. If the player wishes to get rid of seeds due to an excess of them they are able to sell them for a set price of 1 PC. Players can also use fertilizers before cultivating to make more successful harvests. Fertilizers that only work for a limited amount of time on the assigned plant will say depleted in parentheses when being unusable.


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