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Colocrow is a Pixpet released during October 30 2019, a day before Halloween, as a seasonal Pixpet. It is completely dark aside from the bright colorful feathers it attempts to use. It comes only during Halloween however within its species there are Colocrow that decide to stay for unknown reasons. Their annual migration only happens during the pitch of night and the next morning they can be seen in the broad daylight without their dark plumage protecting them from view.

Days Rarity
Oct 30 - Nov 1 89% (Very Common)
Nov 2 - Nov 3 79% (Common)
Nov 4 - Nov 5 59% (Normal)
Nov 6 - Nov 8 49% (Normal)
Nov 9 - Nov 13 39% (Rare)
Nov 14+ None

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
ColocrowEgg.gif Hatch ColocrowDown.gif

Image Gallery

Colocrow egg in the inventoryColocrow egg in the pixdexColocrow as a favorite pixpetColocrow facing upColocrow facing to the rightColocrow facing to the left


  • Colocrow is the first Pixpet to have a monotone color group.
  • The Colocrow found on the site header during the Halloween event has not collected lost feathers of other birds as displayed through its black plumage.