Badges serve as achievements and milestones on PixPet.Net . Most badges have ranks, with the exception of some like the Tutorial Reader badge. When receiving a badge the player will get 10 PC, if a referral gets a badge the referrer will also get 10 PC. When receiving all badges, the full pixdex badge serves as a slow infinite income as long as there is a steady supply of pixpets that are being released due to the nature of them being depleted. The depleted form of the badge does not give 10 PC, however each time the player gets the full pixdex badge back they will get 10 PC.


Currently, there are 69 unique badges in-game though only 68 can be collected because of the full pixdex (depleted) and full pixdex badge not being able to both be owned at the same time. Only 67 badges can be collected if the player missed the early adopter badge (the badge collection also includes the Patreon exclusive badges since they are included in Misc Badges not Event Badges). The six most recently earned badges are displayed on the right of the username on a user's profile navbar; the complete collection of badges can be seen through player's profile page. Badges also apply to the badge ranking.

List of Obtainable Badges

Name Badge Type Badge How To Obtain
Tutorial Reader Misc TutorialReader Read through the tutorial
Legendary Club Misc LegendaryClub Own a legendary pixpet
Full Level Pixpet Misc FullLevelPixpet Own one pixpet with a level of 100
Full Satisfaction Pixpet Misc FullSatisfactionPixpet Own one pixpet with a satisfaction level of 100
Patreon Supporter Misc PatreonSupporter Support pixpet via patreon
Patreon Super Supporter Misc PatreonSuperSupporter Support pixpet via patreon on a high tier
Full Pixdex Misc FullPixdex Complete the pixdex
(Depleted) Full Pixdex Misc (Depleted)FullPixdex Complete the pixdex however new pixpets have been found
Early Adopter Event EarlyAdopter Register before the game's release
Crack The Egg Code Event CrackTheEggCode Crack the egg code
Race to LVL 100 Event RacetoLvl100 Win the Race to LVL 100 event
Blueprint Event Participant Event BlueprintEventParticipant Participate in the Blueprint Event
Blueprint Event Winner Event BlueprintEventWinner Win the Blueprint Event
Pumpkin Decorating Participant Event PumpkinDecoratingParticipant Participate in the Pumpkin Decorating Event
Bronze Patreon Supporter Bronze BronzePatreonSupporter Support pixpet via patreon for 6 months
Silver Patreon Supporter Silver SilverPatreonSupporter Support pixpet via patreon for 12 months
Gold Patreon Supporter Gold GoldPatreonSupporter Support pixpet via patreon for 18 months
Diamond Patreon Supporter Diamond DiamondPatreonSupporter Support pixpet via patreon for 24 months
Bronze Login Chainer Bronze BronzeLoginChainer Log in 10 days in a row
Silver Login Chainer Silver SilverLoginChainer Log in 30 days in a row
Gold Login Chainer Gold GoldLoginChainer Log in 60 days in a row
Diamond Login Chainer Diamond DiamondLoginChainer Log in 100 days in a row
Emerald Login Chainer Emerald EmeraldLoginChainer Log in 365 days in a row
Bronze Hoarder Bronze BronzeHoarder Send one of your pixpets on a hoard 10 times
Silver Hoarder Silver SilverHoarder Send one of your pixpets on a hoard 30 times
Gold Hoarder Gold GoldHoarder Send one of your pixpets on a hoard 60 times
Diamond Hoarder Diamond DiamondHoarder Send one of your pixpets on a hoard 100 times
Bronze Pixpet Auctioneer Bronze BronzePixpetAuctioneer Earn 50 PC by selling a pixpet egg
Silver Pixpet Auctioneer Silver SilverPixpetAuctioneer Earn 100 PC by selling a pixpet egg
Gold Pixpet Auctioneer Gold GoldPixpetAuctioneer Earn 200 PC by selling a pixpet egg
Diamond Pixpet Auctioneer Diamond DiamondPixpetAuctioneer Earn 500 PC by selling a pixpet egg
Emerald Pixpet Auctioneer Emerald EmeraldPixpetAuctioneer Earn 1000 PC by selling a pixpet egg
Bronze Pixpet Interactions Bronze BronzePixpetInteractions Have 10 interactions with your pixpets
Silver Pixpet Interactions Silver SilverPixpetInteractions Have 100 interactions with your pixpets
Gold Pixpet Interactions Gold GoldPixpetInteractions Have 300 interactions with your pixpets
Diamond Pixpet Interactions Diamond DiamondPixpetInteractions Have 1000 interactions with your pixpets
Emerald Pixpet Interactions Emerald EmeraldPixpetInteractions Have 3000 interactions with your pixpets
Bronze Forum Participant Bronze BronzeForumParticipant Make 10 forum posts
Silver Forum Participant Silver SilverForumParticipant Make 100 forum posts
Gold Forum Participant Gold GoldForumParticipant Make 300 forum posts
Diamond Forum Participant Diamond DiamondForumParticipant Make 1000 forum posts
Bronze Item Placer Bronze BronzeItemPlacer Place 10 items in your home
Silver Item Placer Silver SilverItemPlacer Place 30 items in your home
Gold Item Placer Gold GoldItemPlacer Place 60 items in your home
Diamond Item Placer Diamond DiamondItemPlacer Place 100 items in your home
Bronze Recipe Collector Bronze BronzeRecipeCollector Collect 10 recipes in your recipe book
Silver Recipe Collector Silver SilverRecipeCollector Collect 30 recipes in your recipe book
Gold Recipe Collector Gold GoldRecipeCollector Collect 60 recipes in your recipe book
Diamond Recipe Collector Diamond DiamondRecipeCollector Collect 100 recipes in your recipe book
Bronze Item Auctioneer Bronze BronzeItemAuctioneer Earn 50 PC by selling an auction item
Silver Item Auctioneer Silver SilverItemAuctioneer Earn 100 PC by selling an auction item
Gold Item Auctioneer Gold GoldItemAuctioneer Earn 200 PC by selling an auction item
Diamond Item Auctioneer Diamond DiamondItemAuctioneer Earn 500 PC by selling an auction item
Emerald Item Auctioneer Emerald EmeraldItemAuctioneer Earn 1000 PC by selling an auction item
Bronze Pixpet Hoarder Bronze BronzePixpetHoarder Own a total of 10 pixpets
Silver Pixpet Hoarder Silver SilverPixpetHoarder Own a total of 30 pixpets
Gold Pixpet Hoarder Gold GoldPixpetHoarder Own a total of 60 pixpets
Diamond Pixpet Hoarder Diamond DiamondPixpetHoarder Own a total of 100 pixpets
Bronze Pixdex Bronze BronzePixdex (1) Have 10 pixdex entries
Silver Pixdex Silver SilverPixdex Have 30 pixdex entries
Gold Pixdex Gold GoldPixdex Have 60 pixdex entries
Bronze Pixpet Placer Bronze BronzePixpetPlacer Place 3 pixpets in your home
Silver Pixpet Placer Silver SilverPixpetPlacer Place 6 pixpets in your home
Gold Pixpet Placer Gold GoldPixpetPlacer Place 9 pixpets in your home
Diamond Pixpet Placer Diamond DiamondPixpetPlacer Place 12 pixpets in your home
Bronze Badge Collector Bronze BronzeBadgeCollector Collect 5 Badges
Silver Badge Collector Silver SilverBadgeCollector Collect 10 Badges
Gold Badge Collector Gold GoldBadgeCollector Collect 30 Badges
Diamond Badge Collector Diamond DiamondBadgeCollector Collect 60 Badges
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