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Albino Xeldron is a rare genetic mutation of Xeldron that happened hundreds of years ago. As it is adapted to hide better in snowy areas this is where it prefers. Because of its original being so rare, Albino Xeldron being a rare genetic mutation is much more rarer than it being the rarest pixpet known. It's even more rare than the legendary trio. Despite of this, it keeps most of its properties from the original but takes longer to hatch while having different color group chances.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
AlbinoXeldronEgg.gif Hatch AlbinoXeldronDown.gif

Image Gallery

Albino Xeldron egg in the inventoryAlbino Xeldron egg in the pixdexAlbino Xeldron as a favorite pixpetAlbino Xeldron facing upAlbino Xeldron facing to the rightAlbino Xeldron facing to the left


  • Albino Xeldron is the first pixpet to be a color variation.
  • Albino Xeldron though being a color palette switch of Xeldron has an extra tail spike set in its tail which the original doesn't have.