Albino Noo-Long is the albino color variation of Noo-Long. The player can get one by using a grade 50+ Noo-Long Variant B Evobar on a Noo-Long that was hatched after its release. Even though Albino Noo-Long does have an egg and hatch duration, though the player is not able to get an egg directly ingame through hoarding. The only way to get the egg except for the Pixpet itself was through a CRACK THE EGG CODE. Using an evobar on a Noo-Long transforms it into its albino form automatically. Getting a Albino Noo-Long is considered a late game goal for players along with getting a 19th Century Urban Villa.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
AlbinoNooLongEgg Hatch AlbinoNooLongDown

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  • Albino Noo-Long is the only legendary Pixpet that does not have a rarity.
  • Albino Noo-Long has more horns than its original color variation and also has a small amount of clouds coming from its chin.
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