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Albino Noo-Long is the albino color variation of Noo-Long. Unlike most Pixpets, their eggs cannot be found in the wild through hoarding. Instead, there are two ways to obtain one:

Getting a Albino Noo-Long is considered a lategame goal for players, along with getting a 19th Century Urban Villa.

Evolution Line

Egg Step 1 Basic
AlbinoNooLongEgg.gif Hatch AlbinoNooLongDown.gif

Image Gallery

Albino Noo-Long egg in the inventoryAlbino Noo-Long egg in the pixdexAlbino Noo-Long as a favorite pixpetAlbino Noo-Long facing upAlbino Noo-Long facing to the rightAlbino Noo-Long facing to the left


  • Albino Noo-Long is the only legendary Pixpet that does not have a rarity.
  • Albino Noo-Long has more horns than its original color variation and also has a small amount of clouds coming from its chin.